MaxQ AI has taken part in a number of engaging, educational events across the globe, seeking to transform healthcare by empowering physicians to provide “smarter care” through intelligent imaging with actionable insights. Explore MaxQ’s presentations and exhibitions on the ACCIPIO suite at these distinguished conventions, and look out for upcoming meetings in the scientific community.

RSNA 2020: Human Insights/Visionary Medicine
Blackford and MaxQ AI Webinar: Improving the Workflow for Head Trauma and Stroke Care Patients.
IBM Watson and MaxQ AI: Utilizing AI to assist physicians in making missed ICH a never event with Dr. Ajay Choudhri
GE Healthcare and MaxQ AI: Making AI Meaningful with Dr. Ajay Choudhri
RSNA 2019: See Possibilities Together
SIIM19: Annual Meeting
ASNR 2019: American Society of Neuroradiology
RSNA 2018: Tomorrow's Radiology Today
Brain Trust: Pathways to Innovation 2017