A New Era in Acute Care & Stroke Treatment

The financial costs of intracranial hemorrhage and stroke care are staggering. It is projected that there will be 3.4 million stroke victims by 2030 in the United States alone*, which will cause loss or extreme hardships for patients and their families while generating $240 billion in total direct and indirect costs*. Gene Saragnese elaborates on how augmented intelligence in partnership with the care providers will save patients, money, and time.

MaxQ AI's Video Education Series

At MaxQ AI, we have developed a comprehensive workflow software suite, ACCIPIO (meaning “to learn” in Latin), that uses artificial intelligence to interpret medical images, such as non-contrast head computed tomography (CT) scans and surrounding patient data. Our suite will provide real-time triage, rule out, annotation, quantification, and notification in the acute care setting; where every minute counts.


Our AI solutions are well-suited to help acute care physicians, who are under extreme pressure to make quick and accurate decisions while treating a large number of patients, reach faster, more accurate decisions when diagnosing stroke, head trauma, and other life-threatening conditions. Every decision counts to ensure effective treatment and avoid the massive social and economic consequences of brain damage.


The unfortunate reality is that the sheer volume of head trauma and stroke cases admitted annually to an ED, whether it be a small or large facility, is not only growing but is also a serious source of medical error*. Both inadvertently providing the wrong care, and withholding the care that could change a life, play equal roles in these avoidable medical errors.  Stroke costs the U.S. an estimated $34 billion each year*.  By 2030, stroke is projected to increase in cost to $240 billion in the U.S. alone, representing 3.4 million cases*.

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