A New Paradigm in ICH Detection

How much time is left to determine the best course of treatment, and if an intracranial hemorrhage is present for a stroke patient needing your expertise? With a path to wellness or living with the consequences of a stroke in the balance, the stakes could not be higher for the patient, facility, and caregiver alike.

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When it comes to the detection of intracranial hemorrhage (ICH), the time it takes to diagnose and treat a patient is critical.

In order to help physicians make the best decisions in the quickest possible time, MaxQ AI is focused on creating Medial Diagnostic AI decision support tools. Our ACCIPIO suite uses artificial intelligence to detect ICH in near real-time for all non-contrast CT exams. Seamless from the start with complete integration already completed by major CT, PACS, and AI partners. Our AI-enabled ecosystem is uniquely designed to be highly sensitive to the presence of ICH, identifying, and prioritizing patients with ICH for the treating physician, and is clinically available throughout the US and EU.

True diagnostic solutions solve an acute problem that liberates cost and improves clinical outcomes. Instead of more data and analysis, we are creating solutions that provide radiologists with answers while seamlessly integrating into the current workflow.

AI-powered solutions such as Accipio are poised to improve outcomes, lower costs, and lead to a better quality of life for patients and their families, and to usher in a new era in radiologist empowerment.


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