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What is the cost of a missed brain bleed? When CT scans stack up, just one single missed bleed can have serious consequences to the patient and facility. Introducing our ACCIPIO ICH and Stroke Suite with INSIGHT™ that integrates into a comprehensive, seamless, and secure workflow to augment acute care teams with deep clinical insight and actionable data in minutes. These AI-powered insights will enable care providers across the world to make rapid and accurate assessments in any location, at any time for acute head trauma and stroke symptomatic patient care needs.

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MaxQ AI is at the forefront of transforming healthcare by empowering physicians to provide “smarter care” through intelligent imaging with actionable insights. We are committed to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to raise the level of acute care in hospitals all around the world. We strive to deliver expert results to the physicians that save lives, improve care quality, and lower healthcare costs.


MaxQ AI will support the complete ACCIPIO Clinical Suite with INSIGHT™. It will support the Radiology Department, Emergency Room, Neuroradiology, and the Stroke teams with a fully automated solution. The ACCIPIO suite will provide tools for suspected positive ICH triage & prioritization (lx)*, slice-level annotation (Ax)*, lesion-level annotation (Ax Plus)* lesion-level quantification (Ax Pro)*, triage of suspected positive and negative ICH (Dxg)*, and diagnostic rule-out (Dx)*. The complete ACCIPIO solution for head trauma and stroke promises to:


  • Greatly increase ICH detection and reduce missed ICHs through near real-time triage, annotation, and diagnostic rule-out – because every minute matters for head trauma and stroke patients.


  • Provide slice-level annotation, lesion-level annotation, and quantification of lesion volume within suspected ICH.


  • Provide negative ICH presence triage and automatic diagnostic ICH rule-out.


  • Deployed through major CT, Radiology Reporting, AI suite, and PACS channel partners; completely integrated, supported, and serviced from partners you trust.


  • Address the total workflow needs of the reader. Not a single algorithm –– an ecosystem designed to benefit the patient, care provider, and facility.


“We serve multiple hospitals where we may have several CT head cases with other stat exams to read – with no way of knowing what is the most acute without adding more radiologists – this risk exposure is amplified when a priority stroke case hits the ED. Having an intelligent agent prioritize these cases would increase safety, improve patient care and inform staffing decisions.”

Mark C. DeLano, MD, FACR
Advanced Radiology Services, PC
Michigan State University

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