Putting Patients First

What is the potential for AI-powered clinical decision-support solutions in minutes-matter patient care decisions? Think about the stroke or head trauma patient that enters the ER in a community or rural hospital at three o’clock in the morning, when there may or may not be a Radiologist available to read the CT examination, and likely no Neuroradiologist, how is that patient treated? The question is how can we empower all care providers to be confident every time – and in all locations – while reducing variability in care?

MaxQ AI's Video Education Series

Time is Brain. When a potential stroke or head trauma patient walks in the door – whether it is three o’clock in the morning or the middle of the day – the very first thing any physician needs to do is assess whether or not that person actually has a hemorrhage, which helps determine the “next steps” of the treatment path including what treatments are viable or should be eliminated for consideration. For example, the use of the tPA “clot buster” for patients with a suspected intracranial hemorrhage (ICH).

Because every minute is critical for stroke and head trauma patients, this is where artificial intelligence (AI) may lead to better patient outcomes and deliver on the promise of AI-empowered empowered care. MaxQ AI is ushering in a new era of AI-augmented healthcare through a comprehensive, seamless, and secure suite of patient-level medical diagnostic solutions. We aim to empower care providers around the world to better prioritize life-threatening conditions, such as stroke and head trauma in acute care settings. These solutions will help across the diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutic pathways; potentially saving lives, improving the quality of care, and lowering healthcare costs.

In this week’s video selection, you hear about this evaluation process for patients that present with a potential ICH from Dr. Ajay Choudhri, Chairman of the Department of Radiology at Capital Health Hospitals in New Jersey. An early adopter of MaxQ AI’s Accipio Ix ICH (intracranial hemorrhage) solution, which enables automatic identification and prioritization of non-contrast CT head images with suspected ICH, Capital Health has seamlessly integrated Accipio Ix and leverages the solution to process over one-thousand non-contrast head CT scans each month, including upwards of 30 stroke cases per week.

Aspiring to improve a physician’s ability to make a faster and more confident diagnosis, our solutions hold significant potential to improve the quality and efficiency of care in acute care settings across the globe. When minutes matter for patients in an acute care environment, MaxQ AI and the care provider are better together.