Seamless Integration

How many extra steps will you tolerate before AI answers are more work than value? Many AI developers claim to integrate into your workflow, but many of these solutions don’t integrate seamlessly. Instead of asking does this integrate into my workflow, you should be asking how many steps are required to get to an answer? Ultimately, AI-powered solutions must truly deliver answers – instead of more analysis. Go further, even an integrated AI answer is lacking if it only solves a piece of the real workflow. A comprehensive workflow made powerfully simple is demanded.

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To truly impact and improve workflow within healthcare organizations – designed to meet your daily demands – any new AI-enabled solutions must augment physicians and allow them to make critical decisions quickly, correctly, and in a manner that saves lives. These solutions must be easy to use and easy to integrate, no “clicks” to access results, and they must provide answers while seamlessly integrating into the current workflow, imaging (CT as an example), PACS systems, medical imaging hardware, and healthcare clouds.


At MaxQ AI, we do not view integration as a bonus feature – it is necessary for better care. We have invested in and developed platforms and technologies that are designed to integrate into a comprehensive, seamless, and secure workflow to augment acute care teams with deep clinical insight and actionable data in minutes. With no onsite IT integration required, our ACCIPIO ICH and Stroke Care Suite is designed to fit into existing hospital systems and workflow without the pain of IT integration. Automation, speed, and accuracy are built into the core of our solutions delivered by CT, PACS, and AI ecosystem partners, to ensure the best user experience from information technicians to Radiology departments.


This is why all of our ACCIPIO solutions feature AbsoluteZero – Zero clicks to ACCIPIO results. Zero need to leave workflow. Zero stored PHI. Zero change to original series. No onsite IT integration required. Seamless from the Start™. MaxQ AI’s ACCIPIO solutions are poised to usher in a new era of augmented care.

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