The Financial Impacts of Stroke

Stroke is devasting for patients and their families, but what are the financial costs to the healthcare system? Without radical changes in stroke diagnosis and treatment, it is estimated that this cost will escalate dramatically over the next decade.*

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While healthcare costs are already high, those costs are predicted to increase at a dramatic rate. Indeed, the American Heart/Stroke Association forecasts that by 2030, there will be nearly 3.4 million new stroke cases every year and the annual cost will reach $240 billion.*


We simply cannot afford to do nothing, which is why at MaxQ AI, Our mission is to reinvent patient diagnosis through artificial intelligence (AI), improved triaging and diagnostics processes, and reduction of avoidable medical errors and costs —all leading to better patient outcomes.


New technologies are already having a profound effect on the way we handle the healthcare crisis by impacting quality outcomes and ultimately the cost of care. For example, if new solutions such as our ACCIPIO ICH and Stroke Suite with INSIGHT™ is able to divert only one patient per year in the 13,000 U.S./EU acute hospitals to wellness care from stroke care, that would represent $2 billion in savings in the first year alone, and a lifetime of difference to patients and their families.*


MaxQ AI helps empower physicians to provide “smarter care” with artificial intelligence-based clinical insights, resulting in potential diagnostic improvements, which may lead to better patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs. When minutes matter for patients in acute care, ACCIPIO and the skilled care provider are better together.


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