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What is the true potential of a complete AI-powered solution for stroke and head trauma assessment? With healthcare facing an unprecedented level of pressure, medical diagnostic AI solutions that augment the healthcare providers are poised to drive a system-wide evolution that will deliver significant quality, clinical, and economic advancements.

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MaxQ AI’s software suite is being designed to comprise several AI applications branded under the name ACCIPIO (meaning “to learn” in Latin). ACCIPIO uses artificial intelligence for the comprehensive, seamless, and secure assessment of non-contrast head CT for intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) prioritization, triage, annotation, quantification, and rule-out. Our mission is to reinvent patient diagnosis through artificial intelligence (AI), improved triaging and diagnostics processes, and reduction of avoidable medical errors and costs —all leading to better patient outcomes.


We will support the Radiology Department, Emergency Room, Neuroradiology, and the Stroke teams with a fully automated solution. The ACCIPIO suite will provide tools for suspected positive ICH triage & prioritization (lx)*, slice-level annotation (Ax)*, lesion-level annotation (Ax Plus)*, lesion-level quantification (Ax Pro)*, triage of suspected positive and negative ICH (Dxg)*, and diagnostic rule-out (Dx)*. The complete ACCIPIO solution for head trauma and stroke promises to:


  • Greatly increase ICH detection and reduce missed ICHs through near real-time triage, annotation, and diagnostic rule-out – because every minute matters for head trauma and stroke patients.
  • Potentially enhance clinical confidence leading to mobilization of ischemic stroke neurosurgery teams, and the use of tPA
  • Provide the right care readied faster, improving quality to potentially avoid poor patient outcomes and to decrease costs and liability.
  • Provide slice-level annotation, lesion-level annotation, and quantification of lesion volume within suspected ICH.
  • Provide negative ICH presence triage and automatic diagnostic ICH rule-out.


We have built a world-class organization with a strong management team that has a track record of driving innovation in medical imaging and healthcare technology. Additionally, we have global reach through partnerships with industry-leading, trusted OEM CT, PACS software, Radiology Reporting, and AI Platform companies — including GE Healthcare (CT and PACS), IBM Watson Healthcare, Philips (CT and PACS), FujiFilm, TeraRecon, Nuance,  Blackford Analysis, and Samsung Neurologica.


With the potential for improving the complete workflow needs for the care providers “making the call” for suspected ICH, these solutions are poised to usher in a new era of augmented care.

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To learn more about MaxQ AI and the industry-leading, trusted OEM CT, PACS software, Radiology Reporting, and AI Platform companies deploying our solution, or to request a demo, visit us at Follow us via LinkedIn.


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