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With so many new technologies emerging at such a rapid pace, how do we overcome the inherent trust issues of the medical device, impact to workflow, and integration? Despite the clear need for new solutions, the healthcare sector is trapped in a paradigm where the system is locked into incremental improvements. AI is more, it is a new era of transformative care. To move forward, we must better align the incentives and economics within healthcare.

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Healthcare does not need more analysis – physicians and clinicians need accurate and timely answers. With the power of artificial intelligence (AI), we can deliver those answers. Innovative solutions that deliver broad quality improvements and access will result in better outcomes and lower costs, which in turn will build greater adoption. Particularly when seamless integration to existing workflow through trusted partners with strong regulatory and medical device standards are historical fact, not promised hype. Driving this approach are a new breed of startups and developers that are focused on AI-enabled solutions to solve deep clinical problems.


MaxQ AI is ushering in a new era of AI-augmented healthcare through a comprehensive, seamless, and secure suite of patient-level medical diagnostic solutions. We aim to empower care providers around the world to better prioritize life-threatening conditions, such as stroke and head trauma in acute care settings. These solutions will help across the diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutic pathways; potentially saving lives, improving the quality of care, and lowering healthcare costs. We hold multiple regulatory approvals, including FDA Clearance, CE Mark, TGA, and IMOH approvals for our Accipio Ix solution. MaxQ AI received the rare FDA Breakthrough designation for diagnostic rule-out and is one of the very select companies to be a part of the FDA Pre-Certification program. Our suite is comprised of Class II and Class III medical devices with significant clinical evidence, optimized with Intel® OpenVINO™ solutions and made secure by an industry-leading, third-party verified ISO 27001 information management cybersecurity compliance.

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