Intelligent Systems in Partnership – Answers, Not More Analysis

Are you and your facility at the point of maximum pressure, at maxQ? With far too many patients and images to read with declining caregiver availability, we need real solutions to navigate through this turbulent time.

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Radiologists are under extreme pressure to read more cases with more images in less time while maintaining a high level of accuracy. The promise of AI solutions can address these challenges while creating a pathway in medical imaging toward more intelligent systems. Some will be mere analysis; others will be full ecosystems with diagnostic rule-out capabilities.


AI-enabled imaging tools will allow Radiologists to not only consider everything within the images but to also consider everything concurrently surrounding the patient. For example, our ACCIPIO ICH and Stroke Suite with INSIGHT™ solution uses artificial intelligence for the comprehensive, seamless, and secure assessment of non-contrast head CT for intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) prioritization, triage, annotation, quantification, and rule-out.


There is vast potential for AI solutions to relieve the extreme pressure on the healthcare sector. According to a recent IDC report, by 2022, AI spending is forecasted to more than double from what is being invested today*. However, it is critical that these investments are spent wisely to advance clinically proven solutions – that provide answers, not more analysis.

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