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The “maxQ condition” is the point in flight when a space vehicle reaches maximum dynamic pressure, often the point when a catastrophic failure occurs. Today, the global healthcare system is at this breaking point, at maxQ, with an urgent need for solutions that will bring economic relief and increase patient care outcomes and capacity. Physicians need seamlessly integrated solutions that provide clinical insights and answers, empowering their decisions to recommend better treatment and, ultimately, save lives.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) as a technology is remarkable, and here at MaxQ AI, we believe AI will revolutionize healthcare to raise the level of care in all hospital settings to the highest level of care. We are committed to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to raise the level of acute care in hospitals all around the world.


MaxQ AI will support the complete ACCIPIO Clinical Suite with INSIGHT™.  It will support the Radiology Department, Emergency Room, Neuroradiology, and the Stroke teams with a fully automated solution. The ACCIPIO suite will provide tools for suspected positive ICH triage & prioritization (lx)*, slice-level annotation (Ax)*, lesion-level annotation (Ax Plus)* lesion-level quantification (Ax Pro), triage of suspected positive and negative ICH (Dxg*), and diagnostic rule-out (Dx)*. The complete ACCIPIO solution for head trauma and stroke promises to:

  • Greatly increase ICH detection and reduce missed ICHs through near real-time triage, annotation, and diagnostic rule-out – because every minute matters for head trauma and stroke patients.
  • Potentially enhance clinical confidence leading to mobilization of ischemic stroke neurosurgery teams, and the use of tPA
  • Provide the right care readied faster, improving quality to potentially avoid poor patient outcomes and to decrease costs and liability.
  • Provide slice-level annotation, lesion-level annotation, and quantification of lesion volume within suspected ICH.
  • Provide negative ICH presence triage and automatic diagnostic ICH rule-out.


By embracing AI-driven solutions, Radiologists are poised to become the most sophisticated group of diagnosticians in healthcare. AI has the remarkable capability to enable Radiologists to concurrently look at the full complexity of three-dimensional imaging in conjunction with the surrounding patient data. By taking ownership and leading his revolution, Radiologists will transform from readers of images to interpreters of patients.

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