Tackling Big Challenges

Healthcare today is under a level of pressure that is unprecedented. Despite the introduction of new diagnostic techniques, technology, and monitoring tools, misdiagnosis rates have remained largely unchanged in the last thirty years*. With less money than ever before, and a shortage of healthcare providers attempting to serve a growing number of patients, finding reliable and scalable  solutions is crucial to patient care and physician burn-out alike.

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AI holds great promise, but it has to be more than hype, more than the new “calculator”. To truly impact healthcare, any new AI-enabled solutions must augment physicians and allow them to make critical decisions quickly, correctly, and in a manner that helps saves lives while liberating the financial means to pay for the solution. To solve the big problems, these solutions must be more than a bag of hammers in search of a nail – it must represent a complete workflow solution that delivers trusted answers instead of more analysis.

At MaxQ AI, our mission is to reinvent patient diagnosis through artificial intelligence (AI), improved triaging and diagnostics processes, and reduction of avoidable medical errors and costs —all leading to better patient outcomes. There is no denying the challenges facing healthcare from both the patient and provider point of view. Tackling these challenges requires a partnership between revolutionary AI technology and human caregivers. Our ACCIPIO ICH and Stroke Suite will provide real-time triage, rule out, annotation, quantification, and notification in the acute care setting; where every minute counts. Our AI solutions are well-suited to help acute care physicians, who are under extreme pressure to make quick and accurate decisions while treating a large number of patients, reach faster, more accurate decisions when diagnosing stroke, head trauma, and other life-threatening conditions. Every decision counts to ensure effective treatment and avoid the massive social and economic consequences of brain damage.

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