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Have you or a loved one ever had a negative experience in the Emergency Room (ER)? The reality is that with the technology we have today, these poor ER experiences simply shouldn’t happen.

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The “maxQ condition” is the point in flight when a space vehicle reaches maximum dynamic pressure, often the point when a catastrophic failure occurs. Today, the global healthcare system is at this breaking point, at maxQ, with an urgent need for solutions that will bring economic relief and increase patient care outcomes and capacity. Physicians need seamlessly integrated solutions that provide clinical insights and answers, empowering their decisions to recommend better treatment and, ultimately, save lives.


The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there is a global shortage of 4.3 million physicians, nurses, and other health professionals. The shortage is often starkest in developing nations due to the limited numbers and capacity of medical schools in these countries*. To illustrate this further, half the world lacks access to essential health services*. Even though emergency physicians comprise only 4% of all U.S. doctors, they provide 28% of all acute care visits, half of all acute care provided to CHIP recipients, and 2/3 of all acute care provided to uninsured patients*. There is an urgent need for physicians wherever you are in the world. Instead of more data and analysis – adding to the decision-making burden – these caregivers need solutions that provide answers while seamlessly integrating into their current workflow.


MaxQ AI is ushering in empowered care — the dawn of partnership between AI and the skilled care provider — to extend expertise to every patient and care-provider.  To address this growing problem, our team of AI, deep learning, and machine vision experts have developed a revolutionary software suite capable of concurrently considering medical imaging, along with other data. This will provide a comprehensive patient-level assessment that will deliver insights across the diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutic pathways. Our solutions are being designed to identify, inform, accelerate, and prioritize clinical assessment and treatment of these conditions. MaxQ AI’s suite integrates as a comprehensive, seamless, and secure comprehensive workflow suite that augments acute care teams with deep clinical insights and actionable data in seconds. Aspiring to improve a physician’s ability to make a faster and more confident diagnosis, our solutions hold significant potential to improve the quality and efficiency of care in acute care settings across the globe.

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