The Value of Medical Diagnostic AI Solutions

Did you know that the cost of a missed brain bleed can be $150,000 per year per patient?* However, the economic cost is nothing compared to the devastation it causes to the patient and their families. Medical Diagnostic AI solutions can change this by ushering in a new paradigm in bleed detection.

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In the case of a suspected stroke or head trauma patient, an acute care clinical team must rapidly identify whether the person is experiencing an ischemic stroke or a hemorrhagic stroke and then determine the most appropriate treatment pathway in a very short time. This requires a much richer and deeper picture of the patient, considering all aspects of the patient concurrently.

Our medical diagnostic AI-powered solutions are designed to enable doctors to make faster, more accurate decisions when diagnosing these life-threatening conditions, where every minute counts. By determining whether a stroke or head trauma patient has a brain bleed, it gives attending physicians in the ER the opportunity to perform the right intervention quickly. In the future, our solutions aspire to escalate a difficult case in less time, shortening the time to diagnosis by identifying suspicious areas of imaging, or provide a second read to back up a first opinion.

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