Cybersecurity and Data Integrity

Has your organization experienced a data breach? Do you have a protocol in place to prevent future cybersecurity attacks? With a recent survey showing that over 80 percent of healthcare organizations have experienced a cyberattack in the last year alone, the threat is very real and growing*. The security of a hospital’s network is critical, and today’s cybersecurity threats go beyond compromised data, lost revenue, and expenses – it has an impact on patient safety. The time has come for the industry to take notice.

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On average, cyberattacks against healthcare organizations cost $1.4 million in direct costs for recovery*. In addition, these attacks carry risks and consequences for patient care, not to mention the healthcare organization’s reputation. Furthermore, a recent survey from digital platform security firm showed that only 6 percent of healthcare organizations stated that they have the resources to tackle cybersecurity challenges*.


As our co-founder, COO and CISO Robert Mehler pointed out in a recent article: “new devices and technologies play a critical role in diagnosing and delivering care to patients, but they also introduce new vulnerabilities for malicious actors seeking to compromise healthcare networks for their valuable data. For patients and doctors looking to secure quality outcomes, accurate data is essential. For hackers looking to obtain valuable private health information, data can be turned into hard currency or valuable intelligence.”


Protecting data integrity is a critical priority and it requires collaboration across the entire healthcare industry; especially given the rapid introduction of new technologies – including AI-powered solutions – that leverage medical image data. This is why at MaxQ AI, we follow the path of “secure-by-design” and we have actively engaged our OEM, PACS, and AI ecosystem partners to find more comprehensive security solutions to ensure data integrity, monitoring, and access rights management as part of our overall security program. We will also continue to ensure that our algorithms and our AI-powered solutions adhere to the highest cybersecurity standards.

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