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MaxQ AI Continues to Deploy Intelligence-Based Clinical Technology

MaxQ AI Continues to Deploy Intelligence-Based Clinical Decision Support Technology Across the Healthcare Industry

CHICAGO, IL – November 28, 2017 – Today, MaxQ AI announced its third industry engagement to bring MaxQ AI’s A.I.-based clinical decision support application to imaging experts working in hospital emergency rooms and other acute care settings.

Working with GE Healthcare, MaxQ AI will integrate the intracranial hemorrhage detection platform into GE’s CT imaging solutions. The goal of the initial application is to augment clinicians in their assessment of patients suspected of acute head trauma or stroke, where intracranial hemorrhage is suspected.

“Non-contrast CT remains the primary imaging modality for the initial evaluation of patients with suspected stroke or traumatic brain injury,” said Gene Saragnese, Chairman & CEO of MaxQ AI. “MaxQ AI focuses on delivering patient-specific assessments directly to the physician at the patient’s bedside. MaxQ AI is bringing to market a new category of medical solutions that leverages deep learning, machine vision, and the full richness of 3-D imaging and other relevant patient data.”

Upon regulatory approval, the platform will be implemented as an image-based decision support tool supporting a second-read capability for physicians, identifying suspected intracranial hemorrhage in stroke and head trauma patients. Separately, MaxQ AI’s technology will also be deployed to aid in patient case prioritization.

“MaxQ AI is pushing the boundaries with the use of real-time data in the emergency room,” said Mike Barber, CEO of GE Healthcare MICT. “MaxQ AI’s acute care clinical decision support products are aligned with the needs of the marketplace, supplying clinical decision support tools, with the goal of improving patient outcomes, and processed at the point of image creation.”

There are currently no automated tools in emergency or radiology departments that are in use to assist physicians in detecting intracranial hemorrhage. By harnessing clinical understanding in conjunction with machine vision and deep learning, MaxQ AI ’s mission is to deliver real-time A.I. based clinical decision support tools to physicians in the assessment of patients in ER – without disrupting the clinical workflow.

According to the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association (AHA/ASA), stroke is the fourth leading cause of death and one of the top causes of preventable disability in the United States. Affecting 4% of the U.S. adults, it is forecasted that by 2030, there will be approximately 3.4 million stroke victims annually in the U.S., costing the healthcare system $240 Billion on an annual basis.

About MaxQ AI

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, MaxQ AI is a leading medical artificial intelligence company delivering real-time clinical decision support platform to improve patient outcomes in acute medical scenarios. The platform can be natively integrated into PACS systems, medical imaging hardware, or healthcare clouds. MaxQ AI delivers unprecedented insights into medical imaging and is achieving breakthroughs in clinical discovery and positively impacting cost and care. To learn more, please visit