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Second Generation ACCIPIO Clinical Platform for the Healthcare


Accipio V2 shipping now with enhanced functionality to accelerate physician adoption. AI deployments are accelerating throughout the COVID19 Pandemic

Tel Aviv, Israel – December 3rd, 2020 –  MaxQ AI, the industry-leading healthcare technology company that delivers comprehensive clinical workflow solutions assisting with improved patient triage and diagnosis, announced today it is now shipping the Accipio V2 Clinical Platform, including enhanced functionality to support seamless and secure integrations throughout its CT, PACS, radiology reporting, and curated AI partner base of global acute hospitals.


The Accipio Clinical Platform, utilized in reading adult non-contrast head CT exams, is comprised of the following modules:

  • Accipio Ix™ – identifies and prioritizes suspected intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) in patient
    imaging studies.
  • Accipio Ax™ – now includes the exclusive SliceMap™, an integrated view that rapidly guides
    clinicians to CT slices with suspected ICH while prioritizing the identified ICH-positive case.
  • MaxQ Xpress™ – adds native real-time intelligent orchestration between hospital worklist
    platforms and the Accipio ecosystem. Xpress is the direct-result of physician feedback
    demanding real-time intelligent prioritization without high onsite IT costs. MaxQ Xpress is
    harnessed through the seamless workflow integration of the trusted MaxQ partner experience.
  • MaxQ IQ™ – adds automatic triggers to Accipio, alerting a physician to consider patient
    reimaging due to unwanted image artifacts.

“Simply put, our commercialization strategy is working, said Michael Rosenberg, co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of MaxQ AI. “clinically deep applications that are seamlessly integrated into our channel partners’ platforms produce measurable ROI for our customers and their patients. Our partners trust our pedigree of compliance, security certifications, and standards leadership and is evidence by the fact that by the end of 2020, MaxQ will have deployed to several hundred institutions throughout U.S., E.U., and Australia.”

Adoption of AI-based healthcare solutions is accelerating, with radiology departments leading the way. “We serve multiple hospitals where we may have several CT head cases with other stat exams to readwith no way of knowing what is the most acute without adding more radiologists” said Dr. Delano of Michigan State University “This risk exposure is amplified when a priority stroke case hits the ED. Having an intelligent solution prioritize these cases would increase safety, improve patient care, and inform staffing decisions.”

Similarly, “Each month Accipio Ix processes nearly one-thousand head CT scans, including upwards of 30 stroke cases per week, at Capital Health,” said Dr. Ajay Choudhri, Chairman of the Department of Radiology at Capital Health Hospitals in New Jersey. “With Accipio Ax, we will be able to benefit from a comprehensive solution for triage through the intelligent workflow prioritization of MaxQ Xpress and slice-level preview of ICH, including the exclusive Accipio Ax SliceMap, which will guide users rapidly to CT images with suspected ICH.” ICH accounts for up to 20% of strokes, and there is projected to be 3.4 million stroke victims by 2030, generating $240 billion in total direct and indirect costs*.

Accipio devices are globally available with multiple regulatory approvals and seamlessly deployed through MaxQ’s trusted channel partner base, including GE, Philips, Nuance, FujiFilm, Blackford, IBM Watson Health, and TeraRecon. Radiology Departments, Emergency Room, and Neuroradiology teams utilize Accipio to make treatment path decisions while lessening burden and burn-out. The platform is comprised of Accipio Ix (Intracranial Hemorrhage (ICH) triage and notification, Accipio Ax (Slice-Level Annotation), and Accipio Dxg (Triage for ICH Presence or Absence)**.

MaxQ is the only AI platform company offering advanced AI applications and AI Platform solutions such as MaxQ Xpress as a seamless, integrated offering, secured through ISO 27001 and ISO 27999 cybersecurity standards. MaxQ’s Accipio platform can be viewed at the 106th RSNA virtual exhibit through its unique AI experience within each of the MaxQ partners’ AI platforms.

About MaxQ AI, Ltd.
MaxQ AI is transforming healthcare by empowering physicians to provide ‘smarter care’ with enhanced clinical workflow solutions assisting with improved patient triage and artificial intelligence (AI) clinical insights. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel and Andover, MA our team of deep learning and machine vision experts develop innovative software that uses AI to interpret medical images and surrounding patient data. Working with world-class clinical and industry partners, our software enables physicians to make faster, more accurate decisions when diagnosing intracranial hemorrhage, stroke, brain trauma, and other serious conditions. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.